Partners for Peace & Development for Palestinians (PPDP) is a non-profit organization established in 2008. PPDP started its work in the Gaza Strip, Palestine in 2011. PPDP seeks to support and fund creative ideas which contribute to solving the unemployment problem and further the development of the Palestinian society.

PPDP also seeks to develop human resources in Palestinian society, especially among the youth, and train them with the necessary skills and knowledge through workshops, training courses and awareness seminars. PPDP works with both local Palestinian partners and international donor partners. PPDP provides consultation on the economic and social situation of Palestine in order to provide the best possible service for and assistance to Palestinians.

Step of Hope project

Step of Hope project is one of the biggest projects executed by PPDP, this project aims to finance and support micro projects in the Gaza Strip.

Karama Project for poor families

The project aims to provide the poorest families which have no sources of living with the most needed basics

University Students Loans Fund project

University Students Loans Fund project is a new project executed in 2013, the project aims to develop and support the Palestinian University-Students.

Honoring Orphans Project

The Project aims to support orphans’ families through giving them the chance to open micro-projects as a living source.