Lending funds for Palestinian college students is part of Partners for Peace & Development for the Palestinians (PPDP) projects. It is one of the most important supporting projects for building, preparation, and development of human resources in Palestine in terms of professional specialization and rehabilitation in various theoretical and applicable fields, it is done through the adopted and directed objective to promote and support Palestinian students in educational institutions socially and economically to build a believing society in effective and safe life. 


1.Provide free-interest loans for graduate students attending educational institutions in Palestine who meet the conditions.

2.Encourage students who received scholarship loans to participate effectively in building community by awareness to the importance of what they got from students loans.

3.Provide the local community by a package of several financial benefits, workshops, training programs which aim to improve and develop administrative work.

Target Groups

Graduate students who have completed their study, but cannot pay their dues.

Terms of the loan

1. The applicant must be a regular student in a Palestinian educational institution.

2. The applicant must be completed all courses, and cannot pay his dues to get certificate.

3. The student’s cumulative average must not be less than 70%.

4. The value of the loan must not exceed 700$

Loan Application Actions

1.  PPDP communicates with universities for nominations of the students names who meet the conditions

2. University communicates with graduate students to communicate with PPDP for completion of legal and financial proceedings.

3. The student fills the application through the website www.PPDP.ps

4. The student delivers all required documents for PPDP.

Loan Repayment

1.      Within the continuity and independency principle, the monthly payment worth is 50$, after a 6-month as an allowance period, to allow the students to look for work to be able to make the monthly payment.

2.      The borrower student must bring a sponsor of the Islamic National Bank authorized to sign a pledge to pay the entire loan in case of absence of payment commitment.