A general idea of ​​the project:

The project focuses on alleviating the widespread poverty that a large percentage of the Gazan population faces, by focusing on the poorest of households that have either a meager source or absolutely no source of income.

Appropriate solutions are sought to provide these families with assistance in kind or cash thereby allowing them to maintenance their dignity and not being forced to beg.
Background and importance of the project:
The objective of the project is to gradually empower the family making them self-subsistent and not having to rely on third parties for assistance. With the initial assistance, families have the opportunity to give their children a proper education allowing them to progress and hopefully become the future breadwinners for their families.
Objectives of the project:
· Improve the standard of living for the family inside the house.
· Provide basic, living requirements to poor families.
· Ensure network configuration and protection for these families.
· Change the condition of  impoverished families to becoming self-subsistent.
Target groups:
Poverty-stricken families who meet the following conditions:
· They do not have a family income nor a government grant.
· Families who are in dire need of basic household items such as: a refrigerator, washing machine, blankets etc.
· Families who prefer not to receive social security.
· Families with a large number of dependants (four or more) are given preference.
Plan of action for the project:
· Putting together a database of poor households in the Gaza Strip.
· Choosing those families that fulfill the above mentioned conditions through field-work.
· Begin identifying the basic needs of the families selected.
· To provide the necessary support for the selected families, both material support or cash support.
· Once poverty has been alleviated to some extent, we can move the family to the next level – the ‘Khutwat al amal’ project